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As I get older, it’s harder for me to distinguish one calendar year from the next. Unless, of course, it’s bad; 2004 sucked, for instance. On the other hand, 2008 was such an amazing year that I felt sad counting down its last seconds, as though saying goodbye to a friend who had been particularly kind to me. It felt wrong to let it pass without commemorating it in some way. So here goes:



  • The US and then global financial markets imploded, resulting in the destruction of trillions of dollars of wealth. I avoid opening my 401(k) statements now.
  • Shattered a glass shower door in my hotel room in Sao Paulo, resulting in stitches (& an upgrade to a VIP suite). Being surrounded by shards of glass without contacts or clothes makes one feel extremely vulnerable.
  • Got three fillings.


i’ve traveled more this year than i ever will again. places i’ve visited in 2008 (roughly chronological):

  • santiago, chile
  • pucon, chile
  • sao paolo, brazil
  • rio de janeiro, brazil
  • buenos aires, argentina
  • dar es salaam, tanzania
  • arusha, tanzania
  • kigali, rwanda
  • volcanoes national park, rwanda
  • zanzibar, tanzania
  • philadelphia, pennsylvania
  • st. thomas
  • british virgin islands
  • raleigh-durham, north carolina
  • los angeles, california
  • las vegas, nevada
  • venice, italy
  • split, croatia
  • crete, greece
  • santorini, greece
  • corfu, greece
  • kusadasi, turkey
  • florence, italy
  • siena, italy
  • cinque terre, italy
  • milan, italy
  • bay area, california
  • new york, new york
  • boston, ma

i have two more trips to toronto and la for weddings and then i’m retiring my frequent flyer card. 

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congrats to f+g

many congrats to mr. and mrs. wang.  so very happy for you both.

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