“this time, like all times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it.”
- ralph waldo emerson

i’ve never been someone who has had a lot of hobbies. at least not the ones that i can tell people about. now i’m faced with three months off with no immediate plans or responsibilities. this poses two problems: 1) wasted time makes me grumpy and 2) the amount of free time i have is directly proportional to how much i shop; too much can have dire financial ramifications.

i’ve come up with a list of goals and to-do’s to keep me busy. for example, i’ve always wanted to make jewelry (and since discovering etsy have thought about setting up a shop). so far i’ve excelled at buying materials to make jewelry…the production part, not so much. it’s disheartening to see stuff in stores that looks better and costs less than what i can make on my own.

wing has been, unsurprisingly, totally supportive of this new obsession. he didn’t even flinch when i told him about the $150 strand of gemstones i bought and, as the weeks passed and my supplies piled up, never questioned when i was going to actually make something.

after weeks of feverish supply shopping, i realized i no longer had an excuse. i laid out my tray, mat and beads to start my first project. wing poked his head in the room, saw what i was attempting and beaming, exclaimed “i’m so proud of you for getting a hobby!” five minutes after that, he came running back into the room with his camera and started snapping away.

i think this is a sign i need more hobbies.