If you find a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.

Nice post on how to think about choosing a career:

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It just takes 10K hours

Great HBR article on six steps to be "excellent at anything" – in short, it takes practice and persistence.
"We've found, in our work with executives at dozens of organizations, that it's possible to build any given skill or capacity in the same systematic way we do a muscle: push past your comfort zone, and then rest. Aristotle…had it exactly right 2000 years ago: 'We are what we repeatedly do.'"

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Cherry coke ribs and other assorted deliciousness.

Happy DNA day

Very excited to get the two DNA test kits I ordered on Friday from 23 and me. Must admit that it was mostly the incredible sale ($99 for a test that usually costs $499) that caused me to click buy. Bargain hunting is in my genes.

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Wing is incapacitated.

LOST in 8 minutes


One of the many things I'm looking forward to in 2010.

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t-14 days until v-day

…and shopping for cards for @wingerz.
this one manages to convey exactly how important he is in an appealingly concrete way (from paperwheel’s etsy shop).

the year of 30

i keep forgetting what year it is. 

pre-adulthood is all about looking ahead: to the next big trip, the next graduation, to when life officially begins. now here i am, smack dab in the middle of my official real life and there's no longer a set schedule to remind me that days are passing. it's a bit like living in a casino…especially in california where even the seasons don't change much.

that said, 2009 was a nice year, even if it was far less action-packed than 2008 and despite the fact that we spent most of it house-hunting, which in the bay area is always a completely demoralizing experience. we took a lovely trip back to the east coast, saw many good friends and adorable children, and also enjoyed celebrating the weddings of many of our closest friends and family.

Memorable consumption
wow, i must really be getting old (or boring) because nothing else is coming to mind.

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right now

wing is hard at work in the kitchen shelling crab to make crabcakes while i catch up on my book club reading. i love lazy sundays.

currently reading: i'm a stranger here myself, bill bryson

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